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Undeniable benefits of outsourcing your IT help desk support

An IT help desk is responsible for providing your employees with immediate support whenever they encounter computer problems. As a business owner, you may think no one knows your systems better than your in-house users, so you assign one of them to fix your problems and save time and money in the process. But the truth is, doing so wastes resources rather than conserves them.

Sabio’s offices in Miami receive IT support calls from clients that our experienced consultants can fix in just a few minutes. These issues run the gamut, from resetting passwords, fixing printer problems, and rebooting servers, to more complex problems like ransomware infections and network crashes. Some of these clients, however, call only after they’ve tried to fix the issue themselves.

You can avoid such trial-and-error failures and gain a competitive edge by outsourcing your IT troubles to a reliable and responsive help desk team, and enjoy the following benefits.

Better use of staff’s time

Assigning your office’s ‘computer wizards’ to IT problems reduces productivity because they’re unable to focus on their actual jobs. They end up spending lots of time trying to solve problems that can be handled more efficiently by true technology experts.

Outsourced help desk support providers can fix problems remotely, so you don’t have to wait for someone to drop by your office to troubleshoot your systems. Instead, you get immediate support for your computer problems, letting all your staff focus on productivity tasks.

IT expertise and 24×7 availability

One of your employees may be able to solve a simple Wi-Fi connection problem, but they won’t be up for the task if the problem persists or if it turns out to be complicated. Outsourced IT help desk gives you access to certified IT engineers’ wide-ranging expertise. Whether it’s a hardware, software, network, or cybersecurity issue, an IT engineer can conduct a more thorough evaluation and provide expert recommendations.

Miami companies typically contact Sabio help desk to ask for an all-in-one solution that includes desktop and laptop maintenance, anti-virus protection, and unlimited support, all of which are covered by our comprehensive All Inclusive Help Desk Services. And because problems occur even at odd hours or when your usual IT providers aren’t available, it’s important to choose IT help desks that offer 24/7/365 support, like ours.

Quick resolutions

Complicated issues could result in multiple email messages, which can confuse both the end-user and the technician. IT help desk software streamlines the resolution process by providing everyone involved with one system to track everything and allows you to prioritize ‘trouble tickets.’

Moreover, a help desk specialist is likely to have an IT Library that serves as a reference for current and previous issues, and lists multiple solutions to common IT problems.

Savings over hiring in-house staff

Outsourcing IT help desk is still a lot cheaper compared with hiring a full-time or part-time help desk employee. Aside from incurring costs during the hiring process — posting job ads, interviewing candidates, training them on your systems, and providing benefits — an outsourced IT help desk is often included in a flat-rate, all-inclusive managed IT services plan.

Troubleshooting various IT issues requires the expertise of a full-time expert. Small- and medium-sized businesses in Miami can greatly benefit from inexpensive IT help desk services that relieve staff of tedious technology tasks. Call Sabio Information Technologies today to learn how we can help.