Your Computers Go Down A Lot

It doesn’t matter whether you’re running your business from your home office or you have a network consisting of hundreds of users — if you want to be ahead of the competition, you can’t be constantly dealing with downtime. To run a forward-thinking organization that will thrive in the future, you need to ensure that wasted time, productivity slumps, and the negative impact they create on your bottom line are not common occurrences in your daily operations or something you worry about on a regular basis.

The Ten4 Solution

Ten4 Technology Group will help you eliminate downtime for good with the implementation of a more efficient and stable IT infrastructure. We’ll ensure your network is secure against time-sapping breakdowns and malware attacks while proactively monitoring your IT around the clock, stopping problems before they do damage. And if you run into any unexpected issues, you can expect our knowledgeable help desk support team and our remote and on-site technicians to resolve your problems ASAP.

Your common technology challenges and how we can solve them