You’re Paying More Than What You Get

Whenever we buy products or engage with service providers, none of us enjoys paying more than what we’re supposed to. Unfortunately, the IT industry is rife with support providers who blind you with science and add services you didn’t need or even receive, then surprise you with exorbitant fees charged to your bill. Even if you’re not intentionally being taken advantage of, if your IT provider isn’t providing you with the level of service and support that you need due to a lack of knowledge and credentials, you’re still paying too much. Or, if you’re still using traditional break/fix IT support, your IT provider is only fixing your problems when they occur, which means that you’re paying for unpredictable IT support fees and burdened with pricey call-out charges. Let’s not forget the fact that your break/fix IT provider relies on your problems to earn a living, so they are not incentivized to fix the problem once and for all.

The Ten4 Solution

Switching to a company that offers Managed IT Services like Ten4 Technology Group will give you the peace of mind that only a smooth-running IT infrastructure can bring. We’ll only charge you a fixed amount no matter how much support you need, so you can enjoy a predictable IT budget without the surprises. When you outsource the management of your technology to us, we’ll look after your IT proactively — finding and fixing issues before they impact your productivity and bottom line.

Your common technology challenges and how we can solve them