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DecryptCryptoLocker Provides Fix for Nasty Ransomware

A few months ago, we mentioned that a ransomware called CryptoLocker was spreading at a dangerous rate due to the GameOver Zeus malware. The ransomware would lock down files on victims’ computers until a fee was paid, but not anymore. Now, with the help of FireEye and Fox-IT, a solution has been created called DecryptCryptoLocker.

As we mentioned in a previous blog article, Cryptolocker is a Windows-based malware involved in data theft schemes. The ransomware digs through a user’s PC until it finds something valuable that contains personal information. If it doesn’t find anything, CryptoLocker locks down the files on the user’s PC and demands payment for the decryption key.

By December of 2013, CryptoLocker was estimated to have infected 250,000 systems. Since then, the war on CryptoLocker has left it neutralized. However, there are still people all around the world who are feeling its effects, and they cannot access files on their computer because of it. In response, FireEye and Fox-IT have created a tool called DecryptCryptoLocker, which allows users to obtain a decryption key and use it to decrypt the malware.

Follow these steps to activate DecryptCryptoLocker and rid yourself of the malware for good:

  • Find a single encrypted file locked down by CryptoLocker which doesn’t house any sensitive information.
  • Upload the file to the DecryptCryptoLocker online portal, which can be found here.
  • DecryptCryptoLocker will provide you with the master encryption key for your PC. If you use multiple systems, you will need to repeat this process to obtain their unique master encryption keys.
  • Download and install Decrtypolocker.exe and run the program locally on your PC.
  • Using the provided master encryption key, you should be able to unlock your files.

So long as your antivirus has removed CryptoLocker from your PC, you should be free from the clutches of the ransomware.

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