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5 Benefits of a proactive managed IT services provider to Miami businesses

A break/fix IT support model means calling up a technician whenever a computer breaks down or a server crashes. It’s a flawed system that results in huge repair costs, productivity losses, and unending frustrations with technology. Fortunately, the managed IT services provider (MSP) market has grown considerably so businesses are no longer limited to break/fix computer support. Based on recent research, spending on MSP services is predicted to increase from $152 billion in 2017 to $258 billion by 2022. For Miami businesses, proactive IT managed services are not just a trend; it’s a model that offers the following long-term benefits.

Comprehensive, high-quality IT support

Some business owners may think of downtime as a one-off event that halts operations for a day. In reality, there may be underlying problems that can disrupt your businesses for days, affecting customer service quality, compliance, and profits. Proactive IT support protects you from downtime and other IT troubles. When you work with an MSP, dedicated computer consultants will perform all the IT tasks you don’t have time for, including setting up workstations, maintaining servers, performing regular IT health checkups, and creating a data backup and disaster recovery strategy.

Always backed up data

Speaking of data backup and disaster recovery, it’s crucial for every business to have one due to the rising number of cyberthreats and natural disasters. Implementing a robust business continuity plan, however, may be beyond the capacity of a small business IT team that barely has time to upgrade their computers’ operating system software. An MSP like Sabio covers your need for a dependable backup solution, so in the event of a disaster, human error, or cyberattack, your data is backed up in secure off-site data centers. And you can retrieve them within minutes, not days, letting you quickly resume operations.

No more worrying about system upgrades

Proactive computer consultants will also keep track of all hardware and software updates across your entire organization. IT technicians will keep an inventory of all the apps and programs on all company devices, schedule software updates, use patch management software, and regularly check for the latest patches so you can scratch these off your to-do list.

Easy to manage costs

Computers that always freeze, slow internet connections, and servers that frequently crash are signs that your IT system is poorly maintained, and the troubleshooting cost adds up fairly quickly. A dependable Miami computer consultant helps by:
  1. Proactively monitoring your systems to reduce (or eliminate) these problems from occurring in the first place; and
  2. Charging flat-rate monthly fees, which keeps your IT spending predictable and makes budget planning easy. You no longer have to worry about how big the next few months’ bills will be.

Unparalleled convenience

Wouldn’t it be great if your business never has to worry about computer problems or hacking threats ever again? It sounds impossible, but when you partner with an MSP it’s achievable. Ideally, an in-house technician can meet all your organization’s IT requirements without neglecting other business-critical tasks. But that’s rarely the case. Unlike an in-house technician or a break/fix IT support provider, a proactive MSP is at your service 24/7. Technical problems can happen when you least expect them. When you know you have trustworthy IT consultants you can call any time, technology would be the least of your concerns. If your business in Miami has never had to call on IT technicians to fix a problem, consider yourself lucky. But every business’s technology requires constant maintenance, upgrades, and fixes, and IT budgets can easily shoot up without you noticing it. Benefit from IT that performs optimally and boost your staff’s productivity with Sabio Wise Care All Inclusive Managed Services™. Call our certified technicians to see what our proactive IT support can do for your company.

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