Managed IT Services in Miami

Achieve business growth with customized IT solutions and strategies

Technology can vastly improve a company’s efficiency, employee productivity, engagement, collaboration, and communication — only if the right solutions are chosen and implemented properly.

As South Florida’s leading Managed IT, Cloud, and Cybersecurity services provider, Ten4 Technology Group has been helping businesses in Miami, Doral, Fort Lauderdale and Coral Gables areas with excellent IT Support and services allowing our clients to achieve growth and long-term success, and we can do the same for you.

When you work with Ten4, you can expect our team of trusted technology experts to be your dedicated partner in better understanding your technology and utilizing it to best meet your business’s needs and goals.

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Our Story

Ten4 Technology Group is the combined force of Netcom Solutions and Sabio IT. The two firms originally merged in January 2019 and began operating as Netcom Solutions. Since then, the merged teams have been operating together, resulting in a new, stronger brand: Ten4 Technology Group.

Over the years, we have helped SMBs in South Florida by implementing technology solutions that improve their processes and productivity. Our combined strengths provide the region with IT expertise that allows us to better understand our clients’ needs and offer effective, actionable solutions.

Our Process


Our process starts with a conversation with you to understand your business goals and the challenges you face with your current technology.


Once we completely understand your needs and goals, we’ll plan the perfect solution customized for your business.


After creating and presenting the plan, we’ll begin implementing your new, tailor-made solutions.


We’ll perform extensive tests during and after the implementation process to make sure that your new solutions meet your business needs and deliver the value that you expect.


After implementing and validating your solutions, we’ll apply our expertise to proactively monitor and maintain these new solutions.


When everything is up and running, we’ll ensure your systems are secure, data is backed up, and can easily be recovered in cases of unforeseen events.

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Managed IT Services & IT Support in Miami

Are you tired of dealing with IT problems on a daily basis? Let Ten4 Technology Group take care of it for you with our managed IT services. Our team of experts will monitor and maintain your technology, allowing you to focus on running and growing your business.

Not only do we offer managed IT services, but we also provide managed cloud services. As more and more businesses move towards cloud storage and computing, trust the professionals at Ten4 to handle the necessary migration and management of your data.

In addition to our managed services, we also offer reliable IT support for any issues that may arise. With 24/7 monitoring and rapid response times, we ensure minimal downtime for your business operations.

Let Ten4 Technology Group help your business thrive with our top-notch managed IT, managed cloud, and IT support services. Contact us today to learn more. Serving Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas since 2001. 

Managed Services Company in Miami and Fort Lauderdale

Let Ten4 Technology Group take the wheel and power your business to success. Our award-winning managed services come with an experienced team of professionals that are dedicated to ensuring all tech needs, from servers and networks to mobile devices, run optimally so you can focus on what matters most: growing your enterprise. We don’t just stop at managing technology; proactively monitoring everything we do gives you peace of mind knowing any issues will be identified before they become costly problems or disrupt productivity & revenue. Trust us as your expert partner today for a brighter future tomorrow! Serving From Miami to Fort Lauderdale, businesses of all sizes.  

An MSP helps businesses stay ahead of the technology curve by providing ongoing and regular support for important services, such as network infrastructure, applications security and more. They can also host these solutions in their own data centers or work with a third-party provider to ensure your resources are always secure — enabling you to reap all the benefits modern tech has to offer without any worries.

Managed services offer a variety of solutions to modern technology needs, ranging from application, and infrastructure management for connectivity, security and virtualization; as well as network monitoring, storage applications plus desktop & communication support. Furthermore, these managed services can provide assistance with help desks or technical issues such as disaster recovery and mobility concerns.

With managed services, you can quickly scale up or down to fit the ever-changing needs of your business. No need for time-consuming employee searches and training; instead, enjoy the advantages of a flexible team that’s easily expandable and able to keep pace with sudden changes in demand.

Companies today have access to a wide range of services that can help them optimize their operations and keep their data protected. Managed networks, network security solutions such as firewalls, and automated backups for greater peace of mind – are just some of the available resources organizations utilize to stay competitive in this ever-changing digital landscape. With reporting capabilities and insightful analytics on top, they’re sure to gain valuable insights into how best to move forward with even more productivity!

Companies are increasingly recognizing the value of managed service providers in keeping their businesses running smoothly. By offering to take over select IT or business functions, these providers provide a cost-effective solution that allows companies to focus on developing and executing strategies for growth without sacrificing quality.

Managed IT Services encompass a range of technology-related functions that assist businesses to keep their infrastructure running efficiently. These services include:

  • Providing on-demand technical support, both remotely and on-premises
  • Proactively managing and maintaining servers, networks, and email systems
  • Implementing backup and business continuity plans to ensure data is secure and accessible
  • Monitoring systems and performing preventative maintenance to prevent downtime
  • Offering cybersecurity and data protection to safeguard against threats
  • Assigning a dedicated IT professional to manage and oversee all IT related matters
  • Charging a predictable, flat monthly fee with no hidden costs.

Why Managed IT Services from Ten4?

Trustworthy Professionals at Your Service

To eliminate the hassle of recruiting and managing in-house IT staff, our Miami team is composed of experts with specialized skills to handle any task. You can rely on our team to handle all your IT needs.

Budget-friendly IT Solutions

Say goodbye to unplanned IT expenses with our managed services. Our flat-rate monthly billing allows for easy budgeting and cost forecasting. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with predictable IT costs.

Eliminate Stress and Worry

With our managed IT services, you can rest easy knowing that your backups are in good hands, your network is secure and your data is protected. As a leading provider of managed IT services in Miami, we have the expertise and resources to ensure that all your IT needs are met.

Maximize your time and productivity

Don't waste precious time and energy managing an in-house IT team. Allow our team of certified engineers to handle all your IT needs, so you can focus on running your business.